Promises and Processing

Promise and standards of 529meats produced by Parker Ranches are as follows:

  • You know that the animal that was harvested was locally raised on free range pasture, not confined to a feedlot and always treated humanely.
  • You know that the ranch owners use sustainable farming and ranching practices as stewards of the land that God blessed and entrusted us to oversee. We promise to farm and ranch our land in a husbandry like manner preserving the honesty and integrity of our family and legacy for the next generation.
  • You know that we have selected top quality genetics to be used in our crossbred herd to develop the best hybrid vigor in our animals to capitalize on the best traits of different cattle breeds.
  • You know that the meat was not contaminated with animal by-products, growth hormones, steroid implants, or antibiotics.
  • You know that the animal’s diet consisted of their mother’s milk, native and improved grasses, alfalfa, sudan and/or coastal hay. Additionally, the animal will have access to protein supplements along with salt and minerals in order to sufficiently support and maintain their overall health.
  • You know that our meat is processed by taking the animal to a State or USDA certified facility where they are harvested and dry aged for 14-30 days, which enhances the flavor and tenderness of the meat.

We promise to have something for everyone!

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