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We've made it our life's mission to raise quality, pasture fed livestock for our family and your family. We believe strongly in our product and once you try it you will understand why.


Our Ranch & Family

Our family has been farming and ranching for over six decades running an average of 125 cows annually on approximately three square miles of land in Mills, Hamilton and Lampasas Counties, about one hour north of Austin, Texas. Roger is a third generation cattleman and was raised on the family ranch. He was able to learn and gain valuable knowledge from his parents, Charles and Vireta, who are second generation operators that have been farming and ranching the same family land since the 1970s. Each year, we had a couple of calves processed to feed our families along with sharing some with friends and neighbors. All of our friends and neighbors primarily enjoyed our ground product as it included sirloin, round and rib eye steak, thus a premium ground meat. The calves that we had processed were still nursing and had not yet been weaned. Their diet consisted of their mother's milk; native, coastal, and Klein grasses during the spring and summer months; and top quality hay that we typically raised on the land along with non-GMO alfalfa and some protein supplements, salt and minerals available during the fall and winter months. We were truly raising and eating grass fed beef before grass fed beef was cool. From the 1970s through the early 2000s, the ranch had mainly raised Brangus and Angus influenced cows crossbred with Hereford or Angus bulls purchased from local breeders. In 2014, Roger acquired some Red Angus and Charolais cows along with an Akaushi bull. The Akaushi bull was purchased from HeartBrand Beef with a goal of improving our beef as the Akaushi breed has a unique composition and ratio of healthy fats that help to lower cholesterol and support weight loss. The Akaushi beef's extraordinary health benefits stem from two features - 1) higher concentration of monounsaturated fats relative to saturated fats; and 2) natural source of oleic acid, the compound found in olive oil that the USDA touts is good for the heart, which is what gives Akaushi beef its buttery taste.

Our Beef Company

So how did we come up with the name "529 Meats?" In 2001, Roger graduated from Texas A&M University and met his future wife in 2005, Misty, Class of 2003. Two years later, they married. In 2010, God blessed them with a baby girl - Dylann. A few months before Dylann's first birthday, Misty and Roger were discussing what to get their daughter for her birthday. Misty recalls Roger telling her the story of his parents giving him a cow on his first birthday, which was a very different kind of present. The intent was so he could earn some money each year and be involved in the family ranch; however, the proceeds from the calf sale were deposited into a bank savings account for costs associated with college, which Roger could not access. On Dylann's first birthday in 2011, Roger & Misty gave her a cow, naming the cow "529," in honor of the 529 College Savings Plan created in the late 1990s. It was from this financial humor of naming Dylann's cow that our business name, 529 Meats was created. A portion of each meat purchase will be deposited into her 529 College Savings Plan. In 2013, God blessed Misty and Roger with a son, Liam Charles and another son in 2015, Pierce. Each son has been given a cow on their first birthday as well.

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